We offer snow removal to Glenshire, Devonshire, The Meadows, Juniper Hills, Buckhorn Ridge and Cambridge Estates. SPE headquarters is located right here in Glenshire so our service response is fast and reliable.

Our service:

  • Our contract season officially runs November 1st – May 1st.
  • You can expect us to start our plowing route once the snow has accumulated to 4” on Glenshire Drive.
  • Berm clearing will begin after we complete the plowing route, and after the roads have been safely cleared by the Town of Truckee.
  • We will install your residential snow poles free of charge. If you do not have snow poles, we will provide and install them for free of charge.

We also offer the following service:

On-call emergency or one-time plow service. This is a great perk for vacation rentals, or if you are traveling and do not want the hassle of plowing your driveway upon return.

Our Equipment:

We currently run 2 trackless blowers that have a low impact effect on driveways and landscaping. They greatly reduce the amount of damage that larger equipment can cause.
As the other part of our fleet we use two service vehicles, both of which have brand new hydraulic plows. These are primarily used on roads and berm clearing.